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Welcome To Diamond Hill General Contractors Ottawa .

DIAMOND HILL PROPERTIES, has over 20 years of building, restoring and overseeing properties through-out Ontario. We are about building an everlasting impression for your property. Figuring out the best path to take to increase your properties value within a specific budget and time-line.  We provide solutions for your properties needs. From small fixes in your house to full blown tear downs and rebuilds.  We can oversee your property from single tenants to property managing and building maintenance.

MORE About Diamond Hill.

IDEAS are worth bringing to life, if you are looking into investing in real-estate; there are many
obstacles that you may encounter. Whether it be unexpected repairs or difficult tenants, we
understand the struggle. In this day and age, trying to save a dollar just seems harder than
making a dollar. At Diamond Hill Properties, we believe in providing genuine advice and
guidance to make sure you can maximize your cash-flow. Making every dollar count towards
your investment.

EXPERIENCE pays-off, we have knowledge in residential homes, multi-plex housing and
commercial buildings. Diamond Hill Properties has been providing a peace of mind to our clients
all through-out Ontario. We have serviced work from East Clarence-Rockland to the heart of
Ottawa and all the way out in West Trenton.

THE SUCCESS of Diamond Hill Properties, solely relies on our ability to understand our clients’ wants and needs. Planning is just as important as building that is why we help steer our clients in the right path for maximum value with minimal risk. We believe in building and maintaining an everlasting impression for your investment property.

HISTORY is just as important as the future. We have been through the trenches from repairing flood damaged homes to catastrophic fire damage. We have renovated single bathrooms to tearing roofs off and building from scratch. Snow removal and salting, lawn care and landscaping, trash removal and reorganizing. The list goes on, SO GIVE US A CALL and we will take care of your needs.

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Ken Luu

Over 20 years of residential home builds and commercial management. Specializing in property investment strategies.

Jeffrey Hirose

Over 5 years of heating and cooling equipment in residential and commercial applications. As well as finish carpentry and site planning.

Andrew luu

Over 5 years experience in commercial and residential construction. As well as Flood and fire restoration

Andy Nguyen

Marketing and social media presence.